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Lucid Dream Meaning From A Scientific Perspective

By Catherine Thomas

Lucid dreaming has always had a more spiritual connection rather than scientific because it involves the practice of being self aware, which is a very common concept in Buddhism and Hinduism. The term in itself is synonymous to clarity which is actually what it really is, clarity while dreaming. While most people are more familiar with the spiritual implications, here is the scientific lucid dream meaning as well as an explanation with how the two connect.

When one would ask a Buddhist or a Hindu about the dreamworld, they would most likely say that it is a spiritual plane of illusions where the soul walks when the body rests. In this plane, one is actually on autopilot and is like watching a movie, not aware that he or she is actually inside a dream. Those who are self aware in the waking world are actually those who have the ability to know that they are in a dream and can thus control all the surroundings.

The belief also states that the physical realm is also an illusion type of world wherein the soul sleeps and the physical body is one autopilot. Those who have the ability to lucidly control dreams also have the ability to seek and extract truths from the physical world itself. In other words, those who can navigate the dreamworld lucidly also have natural wisdom.

Now, the science world has also tackled this phenomenon and has found some interesting facts that may connect it to the spiritual world after all. Two researchers from the University of Lincoln in the UK studied people who have dreamt lucidly and made some conclusions with the findings. Their initial hypothesis was that those who do have a special cognitive penchant for solving complex problems.

In order to test this theory, they studied sixty eight students from ages eighteen to twenty five. They all recorded their experiences with their dreamworld journeys in which they were then asked to solved some puzzles that were rather complex. The hypothesis was that the lucid dreamers could handle these complex puzzles better than those who do not control their dreams very often or those that cannot at all.

The results of the study showed that the frequent clarity dreamers solved twenty percent more puzzles than those who never dreamt lucidly or those who rarely did. The conclusion that they drew from there is that people who have this ability are more creative when it comes to seeking solutions than others. That is actually why this phenomenon happens more in children than in adults.

With that, the duo further claims that these people have an innate ability to handle complex problems and break them down into very simple steps to solve them. This is a cognitive ability that most people have a hard time crafting. It would seem that these special people are really more out of the box with their methods than others.

Now, tying this back to the spiritual point of view, one can actually see similarities. Spiritual beliefs would say that these people are self aware and actively seek out the truth while science would say that they are complex problem solvers. Both actually seek the truth and have the ability to do so through creativity.

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