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The Definition Of Emotional Growth In Adults

By Paul Smith

Not everyone matures at the same rate. Some people are more emotionally rate. However, you may also feel as if you don't fit in with the world around you. You may feel as if you have never really grown up and that, although you are an adult, you are still a child inside. Emotional growth in adults is something that a lot of people need to deal with.

This can be referred to as arrested development or stunted growth. It is when someone has been affected during their childhood. Because of this trauma, they will battle to grow beyond a certain point. It can be difficult to survive like this because it can interfere with your personal and professional relationships. You will battle making decisions. You will feel as if you have no joy in your life.

When you are emotionally immature, you can be fearful, resentful, shameful or guilty. There will be some confusion in your life, and you may be suffering with depression and anxiety. It is natural to have these psychological disorders creep in as well because this is simply the result of the trauma. It is a coping mechanism. A lot of people just block out the trauma.

Someone who is more mature will not feel sorry for themselves. They may come across the odd challenge, because this is part of life, but they won't see themselves as a victim in life. They will become angry, but they will be able to control their temper in most circumstances. They are not as sensitive as someone who is emotionally immature.

You may not have changed since the time your parents began shouting at you. You may have stayed in that place, because it is extremely traumatic. Because of this you will constantly be having negative feelings. You feel that you are not worthy because the person you trusted most told you so. Your attitude is bad and you think you are a failure.

It is not possible to change your ways overnight. You have to be willing to put in the effort. You also need the support. There are professional therapists who can help with this. They will give you homework to do and you slowly begin to look at the underlying reasons for the arrested development. However, it is necessary to deal with the trauma first.

Once you deal with the trauma, you can learn to socialize, look at the personality disorders, learn to make decisions and improve your relationships. A lot of people feel that they are victims all of their lives as a result of the abuse that they have suffered. Of course, it is shocking. However, if this is your mindset then you are never going to be able to be able to move on in life.

It is important to look into this as soon as possible, because living a life like this is only going to bring you down. It is going to leave you without any joy in your life. You will feel unfulfilled and you will still have scars and old wounds which you will have to contend with almost every day. It takes courage to seek help, but it is so worth it.

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