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Why Self Hypnosis Audio Recordings Are Useful

By Lila Bryant

The mention of hypnosis in public is guaranteed to elicit a few snide chuckles. Most people gain their first impression of this subject from watching films featuring stage volunteers acting like fools, and have neither experienced nor witnessed the real thing. This phenomenon is a way to alter consciousness without using chemicals, and is neither unusual nor exotic. Self hypnosis audio recordings are useful tools for achieving that goal without assistance.

Although mapping the process taking place inside the brain is a complex procedure, people normally report changes in sensory input and perceptions, patterns of thought, and a temporary reduction in crippling inhibitions, while becoming more open to suggestion. A trained and trusted guide initially helps the subject block all interruptions using well-timed questions and soothing statements, a process which can be learned and repeated.

Although it may resemble the steps of falling asleep, individual reactions vary. Heightened receptivity makes it easier to embrace and act out solutions regarding necessary lifestyle alterations, changes in relationships, and even poor health habits. The potential to tap into this source of individual capability has been recognized throughout the ages, but only scientifically explained during the past century.

In and of itself, the process is not considered psychotherapy or treatment, but rather one of many tools useful in conjunction with standard medical practices. While not a cure-all, it can help relieve unpleasant physical symptoms. This method has proven useful in pain reduction, and is commonly recommended for people suffering from depression, chronic anxiety, and related gastro-intestinal issues.

Users report the best results in solving the everyday problems of living. Most people want to change something about themselves, such as being overweight or smoking, and this is one way to sweep aside the accumulation of mental debris that stands in the way of progress. Although not a magical solution to addiction, it helps people in recovery to accept and act on positive suggestion.

Novices seeking to experience this phenomenon for the first time should do so under the guidance of a licensed psychologist. Clinical hypnosis utilizes the latest methods and techniques, while realizing that there may be personal counter-indications or limitations specific to each person. The majority of people find the situation to be pleasant, natural, and rarely disturbing.

Once familiar with the steps, many people learn to achieve this mental state without a guide. Doing so can be particularly helpful when dealing with on-the-job stress, or when trying to achieve an elusive personal goal. Instead of relying on the assistance of a professionally trained guide, these individuals have learned self-hypnosis through autosuggestion. Practice further aids receptivity.

People are increasingly able to achieve this goal by listening to CDs or MP3s that play the role of hypnotic guide. They often are taken directly from successful therapy sessions. Although there are few actual clinical standards for producing a recording, the most effective use realistic or live scripting rather than dry, stilted language. When used regularly, they may help people achieve personal goals more rapidly.

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