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Words: Do Words Create Our Experience Of Life?

The power that words can not be refused or rejected. And there are many points and areas to consider
when it comes to these words. However, the main objective of this paper is the role of the ego.

Words have meaning in the dictionary and some socially example, and can also have a meaning that is subjective to the person who uses them.

We may have some words, sayings and expressions they use. These can be either delegate or weaken composed of generalities that are beneficial to those of growth or have the opposite effect and cause a feeling of being trapped.

Personal experience

On a personal level, we all have our own language that is used in our own heads and we use when speaking with others. For abroad, they may be the same words that many other people use, but when it comes to what they mean to the person, may be very different.

Because, although the words may have general meanings associated with them, through their own personal experiences in life can also have different associations that have been added over time. They may have removed the old associations. So now it is a word means something completely different from what it usually means that the majority of people.


An example of this can be found in the area of ​​complimenting. In this sense, we can say to another person look good or they are smart. These words could be described as positive and are designed to make the recipient feel good.

And yet, on the basis of associations that we have these words, he felt humiliated and made fun. The receiver seems to be offended and the person who gave congratulations then you probably feel confused.

Language of your choice

Words, phrases and generalities that you have to play an important role in how we view life. These are usually the result of habit and used without much thought. You could say that we used as they reflect what is happening. And from this point of view may be.

But look at things differently, the words you use is actually building their experience of what happens. The ego will interpret a situation that mean something and that meaning is likely to be absolute. No different points of view or opposed will be reviewed by the mind.


Because the ego working on the poles and see black or white, can lead to situations minds interpretation is all or nothing, and like everyone else or be in one way or another.

This can have a significant impact on relationships. So here, all men and all women could be seen as in some way. That all men or all women cheat are not reliable, for example. Or people succeed or rich he come that by manipulating the other.

Another area could be the way you are competent at something. These descriptions can understand, I always do things wrong, I'm not good enough or other people better than me

And while egos can make these generalizations, it is unlikely that you feel able. They are also unlikely to be accurate.


Once he came to use these words on a regular basis to use to define what an experience often means: not likely to be an alternative.

The ego then perceive these experiences to say one thing and filter out anything that may go against these interpretations. And no matter if you are feeling active or not. For the mind, these words have become familiar and this is what counts.

One could say that the mind, by his familiarity with these words, actively seeking to interpret situations through words that reflect the point of view you have.


What is familiar to the mind of the ego is also equivalent course. Thus, although these words can not lead to an increase or personal ego is comfortable with their meaning. If one were to use another word or phrase to describe something, it would be unknown and secure. Here the ego also gets to be right, because a mistake would mean the death of the spirit.

And as the words we use are generally not automatic and consciously chosen, but may mean that you are not even aware of how his words are developing your life experience.


Then, it may seem that the meaning of an experiment is then etched in stone and can not be changed. And whether certain experiences or situations have been interpreted to mean one thing, it is inevitable that we will feel that they have little influence on his life.

By changing the words you use, there will be an opportunity for change to take place. Instead of seeing things in the same way: more power or neutral point of view can be achieved. And here, life can start to open up to new possibilities.

With a change of direction and meaning, what is experienced may also change.

My name is Oliver JR Cooper and I made a trip of self-consciousness for more than nine years and for many years before I had a natural curiosity.

For over two years I have written articles. These cover psychology and communication. This has also led to poetry.
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