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Unparallelled Self Confidence Through Your Intuition

What is intuition?

We are spiritual beings having a human experience, where every day the forces of mortality imposes a limit of perception of the world, the best of 180 degrees. With intuition you learn to use your brain and the ease with which it develops becomes a magical experience as you move in your life in the "zone" and what is more important to get his wish.

Subsequently, their confidence spirals ever higher

Intuition has been defined as "an intuition, an intuition, a warning, not at this level, as a cognitive bias retroactively confirm - the plane might crash and you realize that this is a message for you (Awakening Genius Antonia Dodd)

Carl Jung, psychologist before, described as a sophisticated pattern recognition. The subconscious mind does all the work in silence and the person who receives the intuitive response. Indian mystic Osho then says that intuition is the gap, the difference can be felt but not explained logically and rationally

It has been estimated that 70% of the population is based on sensory decisions based on both their senses and intuition will be deducted, while 30% are Intuitivies and growing.

Tips to develop your intuition:

1. Make sure the mind, heart and soul is in his belly are aligned and centered vertically

2. Blast your belly, like a child, ensuring your inhalation and exhalation are of equal length and calm. This has the dual effect of calming and allows your mind to focus on the further development

3. Ask questions such as "What will change for me ... find the love of my life? ... Or what I should do now to achieve financial success? "

Now let your mind free to join the neuronal connections and give the answer you need. Because it created a spirit to receive the answer is a billboard that appears to speak directly with you, you hear someone inadvertently seem to speak to you or you feel this gap produce the answer.

Success starts slowly and accelerates as it develops. It is very important that you become very aware of internal and external messages, suspend judgment, cynicism and skepticism.

Remember that you allow your whole brain connections to join as a puzzle.

Once you have raised a question for you, do not meditate, forget and engaged in other activities

Developing intuition is an art and a science. To stop the struggle for life and use your mind to achieve all your dreams, find solutions to painful problems of everyday life and seem to be easily float through the day,

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